Chess Openings

These chess openings articles originate, in their ideas, from Laskers book "Chess Strategy." The games presented below are classics and I have found them to be extremely instructive in chess openings tactics and chess strategies.


I've inserted my own notes on the chess openings, I've also changed the language to be more current, as well as converting descriptive to algebraic notation and done additional editing here and there. Hope you like them...

Game: Nimzowitsch vs. Tarrasch
Chess Openings Focus: Queens Gambit Declined

Game: Lasker vs. Nimzowitsch
Chess Openings Focus: Caro-Kann Defence

Game: Lasker vs. Mieses
Chess Openings Focus: Center Counter Game

Game: Teichmann vs. Spielmann
Chess Openings Focus: Sicilian Defense

Game: John vs. Janowski
Chess Openings Focus: Sicilian Defense

Game: Forgacs vs. Cohn
Chess Openings Focus: Queen's Gambit

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