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Chicago, IL

Dear Fellow Chess Player,

If you are looking for a way to dramatically improve your chess game, winning game after game, then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here's why:

There is an amazing set of 29 Chess Training Videos Called "The Grandmaster Strategy Video Training Library."

These 29 Chess Videos literally contain the building blocks of winning games worldwide. Today's Grandmasters will tell you that if you don't master the strategies I reveal in these videos, many of your games will be lost. They are some of the most powerful strategies in the history of chess... tried and tested by the professionals.

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Here are two sample video clips pulled from my 29 part video course.

One of the videos is related to opening strategies, the other covers a few end game tactics.

As a paid customer, you get full access to 29 videos like these!


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One Reader Compares My Chess Training Material to Yasser Seirawan's!

Yasser Seirawan,
4-Time US Chess Champion
FIDE Grandmaster, Rating: 2635.

© 2003 by James F. Perry. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License.

"The Instruction
Is the Best I've Found!
I Give It 9 Out Of 10"

I think the instruction itself is the best I've found. A wonderful approach that deals directly with what one should be concerned with in playing the game.. I have books by Nunn, Seirawan, and others and despite their merits yours gets to the heart of the matter.

Thanks again for the excellent instruction. I'd give it 9 out of 10.

Thank you!! I like the approach,



Imagine being able to confidently sit down at the chessboard, knowing that you are prepared with years of tested strategies to DEFEAT your opponent.

***But that's not all! If you arm yourself with these tactics, you'll recognize them when rivals try to use them against you. You'll instantly say to yourself.. "I studied this method and I know where they're going with this..."

Wouldn't it be great to go into a chess match with a clear mind and a plan of attack, winning against competitors who have beat you many times in the past? Or even to confidently challenge that player who you haven't had the guts to play in a match yet?

In just a few minutes from now you could be digging into 29 Videos of Opening Strategies, Mid and End Game Strategies, Winning Moves and Positions. Sit back as I guide you, step-by-step through hundreds of winning moves and tactics. All are laid out for you move by move in this set of videos called:

Grandmaster Strategy Video Training Library

It is greatest gold-mine of time-tested, winning chess strategies ever crammed into one product. Specifically, it contains 29 Videos and 14 ebooks (2,213 pages) of Chess Instruction for the price of a single chess tips book at the bookstore.

In fact, nobody should be allowed to even sit down at a Chess board until they've watched these videos at least 7 times.

You'll see your game improve from the hundreds of diagrams and audio instructions alone, but that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a sneek peak at what you'll discover in "The Grandmaster Strategy Video Training Library."

  • Find out Killer ways to set up your game opening properly to prepare for middle and end game tactics.
  • Discover essential strategies for how to effectively use Pawn Structure in the game Opening. Some of these could make or break your game!
  • Which pawn is always essential to defend in the opening, find out on page 40 of ebook volume 2.
  • Find out when to strengthen your defense and when to attack!
  • Discover an extremely common mistake that developing chess players repeatedly make in their attacks without realizing it. (Page 109 of Ebook Volume 1). This mistake can quickly destroy your entire game from the very beginning, and you may be making it more than you realize!
  • Learn STEP BY STEP which strategies to utilize when encountering a over 150 different positions, and how to decide which priority should be given to each strategy.
  • Learn the best strategies to use when you are on the defense.
  • Discover the best ways to utilize pawns in the endgame, and how to win when you have no pawns left (Video #7)
  • Learn the exact rule regarding Castling (Page 15-16 of Ebook Volume 2 and Page 12-14 of Ebook Volume 1)
  • Find out crucial guiding principles for the game opening for both white and black pieces! These principles are essential for setting up your game for a win! (Video #1, 1:09)
  • Don't lose valuable time in thinking out endless variations and plans... Essential tips in Video #1, 4:43.
  • In Middle Game, how can you know if an attack is likely to succeed? Where should I concentrate the attack? Answers starting on Page 110 of Volume 1!
  • Learn from an EXTREMELY detailed, step-by-step analysis of 56 Master Tournaments, as well as well over 1798 diagrams of various positions to help you sharpen your winning edge!
  • Master Time-Tested Principles for Advancing Your Middle Game: Why learn these the hard way (trial and error) when you could have instant access to them right now?
  • How to transform your Middle Game Pawn Structure into a fine-tuned, victory machine for the endgame! (Starting on page 110 of Volume 1)
  • Five Indispensable middle game maneuvers that are crucial for any winning game are revealed on page 120-121 of Volume 1, followed by in depth analysis of 3 Master Tournament Games using these tactics. (Complete with diagrams and play by play breakdown of each game).
  • Discover dangerous, but tempting attacks which, if made, can cost you your game. Don't get caught in these traps!
  • Learn how to make sacrifices in a way that can dramatically increase your odds of winning!
  • Learn ESSENTIAL principles can be applied to games where your opponent has greater knowledge or experience in chess!
  • Peruse Over 33 Pages of End Game Scenarios, with diagrams and analysis of each. This end game instruction will revolutionize your ability to think strategically during the intensity of the end game environment. (Instruction included for both simple and complex end game situations.)
  • What is the best way to check mate in an End Game without pawns? What about with only a Knight and a Bishop? A King and Two Knights? Rook against Bishop? Rook against Knight?
  • Learn Killer Tactics for Pawn endings such as King and Pawn against King, positions in which the pawns opposed on each wing are of equal number and no passed pawn can be forced through.
  • Learn to win using the "distant opposition" endgame tactic, as well as many highly complex end game scenarios.
  • Dramatically improve your game with over 285 illustrated strategies, explained and analyzed step by step.
...and this is just a small portion of what you'll discover in this Grandmaster Strategy Training Library:


But it doesn't stop there. For my past books I've received tons of positive reviews, both online and in print publications. Many of these I have saved.

Peek Into My File Folder Stuffed With 58 Positive Reviews
From Magazine Editors, Doctors, Librarians, and Others

You may have your doubts about these videos. You may know of other videos that make similar claims. I completely understand these doubts, and I don't expect you to buy these videos on my word alone. Read below to find out what others have said about my material.

Thanks Chad, for the course on chess opening and end games. I'm very thankful, my chess game has improved so far. Keep up the good work and more power! Thanks again!


Thank you alot! I have been trained by GM Henrik Teske from Germany, IM Martin Neuberur from Austria, IM Pecarille from Cuba, IM Kevin Denny from Barbados and my personal coach MR. Terry Farley with a rating of 2235 from Barbados. I have used many book such as Thinking Like A Grand Master, The Art Of Attacking, Excelling in Calculation, Excelling in Understanding and many more.

Your coaching has been very good and easy to understand. My local rating in now 1793 after my tournments in Trinidad, Suriname and Barbados CAC and Sagior Junior National.

Your lessons have surely helped my games. I'm glad you have done that book and i am encouraging you to keep up the good work.

I hope we would keep in contact with each oother so i can send you my games and you can tell me what you think.Thanks verys much for your help once more.


Chad, I am enjoying the Chess lessons very much


Dear Chad,

I have gone through your material and find it helpful. Iteach young learners at school and found that they enjoy short exciting games that contain essential lessons of opening principals.


Dear Chad,

I think that the chess lessons are quit simple to understand and easy to follow and I hope that my abilities will improve in a short time.



The videos are great!! This is really the way to go!

T. J.

Hi Chad,

I purchased and have enjoyed the lessons that I have gone thru so far. I have looked at a lot of chess training and I get the feel that you want a deeper understanding of the art to be developed.

Thank You

Hi Chad,

Thank you for such a fabulous chess course! It's a very informative & helpful course.

I sincerly commend your endeavour. Thanks again for the wonderful Chess Course!


Thank you for sending the chess (lessons), I have a son who is in the 4th , at Kossuth Elem. School. He is in a quest group that he goes to everyday. This week he is in a tournament at school. He is also very active in sports.

He has been playing in tournaments since the 2nd grade. I do not know anything about how to play chess, so I’m not much help to him.

Thank you for having chess strategies on line to help my son.

Thanks again,

I have improved. Your lessons were unbelievable.


I think that this is one of the most valuable materials regarding the chess game, because you can access the fundamentals followed with examples and experienced advice.

Thanks so much

I’m in (lesson) 4, and I really improved since I began the Chess Lessons.

I love the examples and the pictures of the pieces you move.

Thank you very much,

I think your course is really good. I´ve read through all the courses... My game has definitely improved. Keep doing this, to improve chess games all over the world........ :-D "

L. G.

I would say, without a single doubt, that it is the best, for it stresses on principles rather than on mere positions. Once you know the principles, you know what to move, when to move it, where to move it and, what is most important,
why to move it.

I´ve improved my chess!


Very good... at least for someone that is interested in understanding the way an accomplished chess player thinks, how he ought to 'think chess'. It enhances the ability of remembering the data instead of merely memorizing them'.

What's more, this is the only way to encourage and support one's creativity in suggesting new ideas, instead of mere imitation.

Many thanks to you!

-Michael Schalit

These chess lessons are splendid! Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

I have been creating products like these for a number of years, and have always received great reviews on what I and my staff have produced (You can read past reviews yourself by searching for my name "Charles Kimball" on and looking at the books with the red covers). In fact, I have a file folder in my office that contains Xeroxed copies of over 58 positive reviews of my previous books from magazine editors, librarians, and other reviewers. Obviously I don't have the space in this letter to reprint them all, but here are some excerpts from reviews of previous products:


I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you... on your excellent new publication. We are not aware of any other compilation which is this extensive and complete. Please convey our compliments to all of your staff who played a part in the development of the book.

Again, our congratulations on an excellent product.

J.P. Smith


This book is fascinating...

... another invaluable tool.

... a superb resource...

This book is a value whatever its price.


The strengths of this book are many. It is clearly written, presented, and structured. The book is easily readable, and there is a glossary at the end of the book which helps to explain technical terms. It covers a broad range of topics... the information that is contained is generally appropriate, accurate, informative, and up-to-date.

Alexander K.C. Leung, FRCP (UK), FRCPCH
The University of Calgary


This comprehensive "source-book" pulls all that material together, and more. This amazing compilation is a must have... unlike so many other books, this effort offers solutions that are eminently sensible and successful.

Clifford E. Simonsen,


It is hard to imagine that any other single resource exists that would provide such a comprehensive guide of timely information... This volume is highly recommended...

Ann Thompson,
American Reference Books

And the great thing is, you can have access to these 29 videos in the next 90 seconds! Read on...

What's a resource like this worth?

Others have paid at least $190 (29 Videos at $50 plus 14 Books at $10 per volume). Particularly for laser-guided accurate information like this - SPECIFICALLY focused on Grandmaster Chess Strategies. This isn't some boiler-plate collection of answers.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it's dead-easy to understand. The videos talk you through all the strategies and moves, and you watch me move the pieces as we go along. And it's logically laid out.

And great news! As part of this "Internet Introductory Offer," you can get it for only $37.95.

That is $152.05 off the regular price! Click here to place your secure order and get instant access to this treasure trove of Chess Grandmaster Strategies!

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That's right, the $37.95 price tag is a fraction of what it's really worth and what it cost me to research. Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low.

These are downloadable videos that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be watching the 29 Videos and discovering all these amazing secrets in as little as 5 minutes from now. Ain't that a hoot!

So I figure I'll be able to offer this fantastic resource of information to more people. And make my investment back over time.

No matter what however, it's a bargain for you. And yes, I plan on raising the price from $37.95 to $47.95 very soon. Once I get a few more testimonials from satisfied customers, the price will increase. So you'll want to be quick if you want to save some bucks.

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And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment. (See guarantee at bottom of this message)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are still reading, I know we've covered a lot of ground so far. However, I have more news about the free bonuses I'm offering. I urge you,

Do not skip over this part of the letter...


4 Free Bonuses For a Limited Time!

Buy the "GrandMaster Strategy Video Training Library" Now
and Get 4 Additional E-Books for FREE

These 4 Additional Books could easily be sold for $19.47 all by themselves, but I am offering them to you now without increasing the price of this chess training kit. Don't delay in purchasing the kit, however, because I may increase the price by $10 or $15 dollars to better match the value of these additional 4 books.

Here are the details:

FREE Bonus #1: Chess Master Secrets

Quote from Chess Master Secrets:

Chess masters account for about less than five percent of chess players world wide. The masses are left to guess and wonder what chess masters know and do that others don't. We are going to teach you what it is you need to know to be a part of that elite group that is so set apart from the rest of the chess world.

Here are just a few of the things this book will teach you:

  • How to play reliable and aggressive opening systems.
  • How to take well known openings and add aggressive elements to them that will give you the upper hand in the middle and end game.
  • Three crucial tips for the middle game that are guaranteed to set you up for victory in the ending.
  • Tips from the Masters on all phases of the game: The opening, the Middle Game, and Endings.
  • Learn the subtle points of four endings that many intermediate to advanced players usually dismiss. Without this foundation, many players do not master the endgame.
  • A simple rule that the Masters use to stop the pawn from queening. It is present in both simple and complex endings, and helps tremendously to evaluate some positions that otherwise would be difficult to calculate.
  • And Much Much More!

Image of Page 19 (Analyzing a Kasparov Game)

FREE Bonus #2: Essential Chess Basics

This book covers all the basics of chess: Moving pieces, check and checkmate, value of the pieces, notation, openings, as well as illustrative games from T Lichtenhein vs. Paul Morphy and Bobby Fischer vs. Herbert Seidman.

Analysis of a Bobby Fischer Game on Page 18




FREE Bonus #3: Where Does This Thing Go?

This Booklet focuses exclusively on Opening Strategies.

Here are just a few of the winning tips in this book:

  • Detailed description of exactly how to play EACH piece in the opening.
  • Four Essential Tips that Every Player Must Know to Gain the Upper Hand in the Opening.
  • Learn which part of the chessboard to concentrate on, in order to best set up positional advantages.
  • Discover where on the chess board to best utilize the power of your Knights.
  • What are the two main ways bishops can be effectively deployed? Answer on page 4.
  • In which phase of the game is a Rook most effective? Where on the chess board can you best maximize their strength? Answer on page 5 and 6.
  • How to avoid a common mistake chess players make that expose rooks to attack in the opening..
  • Three tips regarding the Queen in the opening that could make or break your game!
  • Analysis of Bobby Fischer's game against J. Casado.

Image of Page 6, Discussing Rook Strategy in the Opening


FREE Bonus #4: Advantage of the Second Move

This Booklet will teach you how to play effectively with the black pieces. Historically, the white pieces have always been preferred because of the advantages of the first move.

This booklet will teach you secret advantages of the 2nd move that you are probably unaware of.

A sneek peak into a few of secret advantages revealed in this book:

  • Two strategies of approaching the battle as the second player that you cannot do without!
  • Diagrams, analysis, and illustrative games for both strategies.
  • How to utilize your pawns to give you an advantage, even with black squares.
  • A sample game by ex-world champion Kasparov demonstrating how fierce the struggle is when black uses these strategies!
  • Five winning tips for black to use throughout the game. These tips will help you avoid routine blunders and positional errors.

Image of page 7,
Kasparov's use of one of the winning tactics for black described in this booklet.


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No Hassles 8-Week Money Back Guarantee.

If you feel that this product has failed you in any way, you deserve to keep the product for free for your time and trouble.

Please, if you are dissatisfied in any way, I don't want to keep your money. (In fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).

For a refund, simply email me ( or call
773-336-7388 within 8 weeks of purchasing the "Grandmaster Strategy Training Library", and I will personally refund 100% of the price you paid for the kit.

... and you get to keep all the contents of the kit for your trouble, even after I refund your money!



Like I said before, the entire 29 Videos and 14 Books of the "Grandmaster Strategy Training Library" plus the FREE Bonuses are instantly downloadable, so there are NO shipping costs, NO travel costs, and the entire Kit, can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.

Nowhere on the Internet will you find such a large amount of content on Chess Strategies, all available for download, at this price.

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(Important note: This is a downloadable product.
I will guide you in step by step instructions for downloading after payment)
The ebooks are in pdf format, and the videos are viewable in your browser in flash format.


Wishing you many winning games,

Charles Kimball, Senior Editor

Click Here ONLY If You've Decided Not to Purchase

P.S. When you click the link to buy, you will be taken to a safe, secure page to enter your credit card information. We have partnered with ClickBank, a credit card processor. Your credit card number will be transmitted through our safe, secure server.

In fact, it is safer to transmit your credit card number through our secure encrypted server than it is to give your credit card at the grocery checkout line!

P.P.S. Please don't hesitate to email me at or call 773-336-7388 with any questions you may have!

P.P.P.S. Here's A Screen Shot of One of the Videos:

P.P.P.P.S If you are still not convinced, view the table of contents for Volume One of the "Grandmaster Strategy Training Library." And this is only the first of 14 volumes!

Table of Contents for Volume 1
(Only the First of 14 Valuable Chess Strategy Volumes!):




I. Rules of the Game
II. Notation

Elementary Combinations
Simple Calculation


Balance of Attack and Defense


Development of the Pieces
On Losing Moves
Examples of Practical Play
Pawn Play
Pawn Skeleton
The Center

A. King's Pawn Games
B. Queen's Pawn Games
C. Irregular Openings


End-games with Pieces
Pawn Endings
Mixed Endings


Teichmann-Blackburne (Berlin, 1897)
Ed. Lasker-Rotlewi (Hamburg, 1910)
Blackburne-Schlechter (Vienna, 1898)
Bird-Janowski (Hastings, 1895)
Steiner-Forgacz (Szekesfehervar, 1907)
Charousek-Heinrichsen (Cologne, 1898)


General Remarks
Evolution of the Pawn Skeleton
Objects of Attack
"Backward" Pawns
On Fixing a Weakness
Weaknesses in a Pawn Position
Breaking up the King's Side
Doubled Pawns
v. Scheve-Teichmann (Berlin, 1907)
Marshall-Burn (Ostend, 1907)
Manoeuvres of the Pieces Open Files and Diagonals
Fred. Lazard-Ed. Lasker (Paris, 1914)


1. Tartakower-Burn (Carlsbad, 1911)
2. Leonhardt-Marshall (San Sebastian, 1911)
3. Spielmann-Prokes (Prag, 1908)
4. Tarrasch-Capablanca (San Sebastian, 1911)
4a. Howell-Michell (Cable Match, 1907)
4b. X. v. Y
5. Griffith-Gunston (London, 1902)
6. Mason-Gunsberg (New York, 1889)
7. Marshall-Tarrasch (Hamburg, 1910)
8. Blackburne-Em. Lasker (Petrograd, 1914)
9. Salwe-Marshall (Vienna, 1908)
10. Teichmann-Amateurs (Glasgow, 1902)
11. Schlechter-Janowski (Paris, 1900)
12. Teichmann-Rubinstein (Carlsbad, 1911)
13. Teichmann-Schlechter (Carlsbad, 1911)
14. Spielmann-Tarrasch (San Sebastian, 1912)
15. Aljechin-Niemzowitsch (Petrograd, 1914)
16. Yates-Gunsberg (Chester, 1914)
17. Berlin-Riga (1908-1909)
17a. Maroczy-Berger (Vienna, 1908)
18. Em. Lasker-Capablanca (Petrograd, 1914)
19. Ed. Lasker-Janowski (Scheveningen, 1913)
20. Ed. Lasker-Englund (Scheveningen, 1913)
21. Ed. Lasker-Aljechin (Scheveningen, 1913)
22. Forgacz-Tartakower (Petrograd, 1909)
23. Yates-Esser (Anglo-Dutch Match, 1914)
24. Atkins-Barry (Cable Match, 1910)
25. Em. Lasker-Tarrasch (Munich, 1908)
26. Capablanca-Blanco (Havanna, 1913)
27. Niemzowitsch-Tarrasch (San Sebastian, 1912)
28. Alapin-Rubinstein (Wilna, 1912)
29. Teichmann-Spielmann (Leipzig, 1914)
30. Tarrasch-Spielmann (Mannheim, 1914)
31. John-Janowski (Mannheim, 1914)
32. Ed. Laskcr-Mieses (Scheveningen, 1913)
33. Barasz-Mieses (Breslau, 1012)
34. Em. Lasker-Niemzowitsch (Petrograd, 1914)
35. Reti-Tartakower (Vienna, 1910)
36. Forgacz-E. Cohn (Petrograd, 1909)
37. Marshall-Capablanca (New York, 1909)
38. Rotlewi-Teichmann (Carlsbad, 1911)
38a. Rubinstein-Teichmann (Vienna, 1908)
39. Rotlewi-Rubinstein (Lodz, 1907)
40. Rubinstein-Capablanca (San Sebastian, 1911)
41. Niemzowitsch-Tarrasch (Petrograd, 1914)
41a. Em. Lasker-Bauer (Amsterdam, 1889)
42. Capablanca-Aljechin (Petrograd, 1913)
43. Capablanca-Bernstein (Petrograd, 1914)
44. Dus Chotimirski-Vidmar (Carlsbad, 1911)
45. Rubinstein-Spielmann (Pistyan, 1912)
46. Thomas-Ed. Lasker (London, 1912)
47. Tartakower-Asztalos (Budapest, 1913)
47a. Tartakower-Spielmann (Vienna, 1913)
47b. X v. Y
48. Blackburne-Niemzowitsch (Petrograd, 1914)


A. King's Pawn Games
B. Queen's Pawn Games
C. Irregular Openings




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