GM Henrik Danielsen gives a video lesson on bishops and knights.

Let me know if you'd like to get more videos of GM Danielsen's instruction - you can leave a comment directly under the video!

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Anonymous said...

interesting to seek how important it is to gain the centre squares for the knights

11:59 PM CST  
Anonymous said...

Very nice demo, helpful tactics!

9:29 AM CST  
Anonymous said...

video very instructive. would like more.
james campbell

10:45 AM CST  
Anonymous said...

A good example of how space and coordination of pieces are so important. A very good video. Hope to see more.
Dave E.

12:10 PM CST  
Anonymous said...

Nice instructive comments. There is also good strategic points.
Jorgen M

2:18 PM CST  
Anonymous said...

thanks for nice clear help with tactics

7:35 PM CST  
pokrate said...

Great work, how about simple ways to remember complex rook, pawn endings.

10:06 PM CST  
Anonymous said...

excellent video and instruction--thanks, send more! michael m.

7:27 PM CST  
Peter Reese said...

Very instructive & too the point thanks Peter R

9:44 PM CST  
Ferdyrojo said...

A fundamental lesson in endgame theory regarding the vital central squares for knights and open diagonals for bishops.

Thanks to the Blogger!

8:04 PM CST  

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